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BT's convertible bond issue was successfully completed and fully subscribed

Banca Transilvania hereby announces the closing of the Eur 30 million issue of subordinated convertible bonds.

Horia Ciorcila, Chairman of Banca Transilvania’s Board of Directors, stated: “The issue was a success, attracting full subscription, just as expected. I would like to thank our shareholders and investors for their trust in Banca Transilvania. The amount generated will strengthen our bank’s capital base, by diversifying the structure of own funds and supporting the bank’s future development.” 

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Banca Transilvania has a new CEO

Mr. Omer Tetik is Banca Transilvania’s new CEO, appointed by BT’s Board of Directors to coordinate the bank’s activity. Previously, Mr. Tetik held the position of President of Credit Europe Bank Romania and Chairman of the bank’s Board of Directors. His new mandate will start on June 1, 2013, pending NBR approval.

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Exchange rate

Spot exchange rate
  Buy Sell NBR
 EUR 4.4200 4.5200 4.4660
 USD 3.1799 3.2768 3.2356
 GBP 5.3463 5.5091 5.4437
Exchange office
 EUR 4.4150 4.5250 4.4660
 USD 3.1750 3.2800 3.2356


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