11 iulie 2018

Mesajul BT pentru cei 600 de concurenti ai Olimpiadei Internationale de Matematica: Sustinem tinerii care si-au facut calculele sa schimbe, intr-o zi, lumea

Banca Transilvania, ca Partener Principal al Olimpiadei Internationale de Matematica, sustine tinerii care si-au facut calcule sa schimbe, intr-o zi, lumea:"Credem si noi ca totul este matematica: gestionarea timpului si a banilor, varsta, un contract, un credit, un grafic, o analiza – oricare ar fi ea – si mai ales interpretarea ei. BT este, de asemenea, matematica: 2,5 milioane de clienti, locul 2 in topul bancilor din Romania, peste 13% cota de piata, mai mult de 7.000 de persoane in echipa.

Matematica este singura care ne poarta pe fiecare de la A la B, ne face mai atenti la plus-uri si minus-uri. Matematica ne aduce, de asemenea, zamBT pentru ca ne place nu atat sa rezolvam probleme, cat sa gasim solutii.

Succes celor peste 600 de tineri din 100 de tari care participa la Olimpiada, pentru care matematica este un hobby!" - Sergiu Mircea, Director Marketing & Comunicare, BT, la Deschiderea oficiala a Olimpiadei Internationale de Matematica, editia 59, organizata in acest an in Cluj-Napoca.



BT’s message for the 600 participants from the International Mathematical Olympiad: we support the teenagers who ‘did their math’ to change the world, one day


Banca Transilvania as main partner of the International Mathematics Olympiad, encourages teenagers who ‘did their math’ to change the world, one day: "We believe that everything is mathematics: time management, personal finance, age, a contract, a graphic, a credit, an analysis and especially its interpretation and reading. BT is also math and numbers: 2.5 million clients, over 13% market share, over 7000 colleagues in the team.

Mathematics is the subject that takes us from point A to point B and helps us analyze pluses and minuses in all encounters. It also brings us smiles-zâmBT as we don’t necessarily like to resolve problems, but to find solutions to all of them.

Goodluck to all participants from all the countries around the world, for whom maths is a hobby!" - Sergiu Mircea, Marketing&Communication Director, BT, at the Opening Ceremony of the International Mathematical Olympiad, 59 edition, organised in Cluj-Napoca this year.