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5 prizes for BT within the Top Bankers Gala

Comunicat de presa 2016-06-24
5 prizes for BT within the Top Bankers Gala

Banca Transilvania was awarded 5 prizes within the Top Bankers Gala, organized on Thursday by FinMedia.  The prizes were awarded for BT’s results in the previous year in terms of: assets dynamics; profit dynamics; profitability/employees; savings/agency and lending dynamics.


The “Top Bankers” prizes are granted based on qualitative criteria (assets, profit, deposits, loans, etc.), dynamics criteria (structures according to levels of the assets volume, in order to ensure accuracy in comparability) and efficiency criteria (ROAM ROE, profit/employee, profit/branch, income/client, etc.).


Banca Transilvania was represented by Andrei Dudoiu, Company Deputy Chief Executive Officer.


The event has reached the 9th edition and it rewards the most important players that dictate the trends and model the Romanian financial-banking market