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Banca Transilvania becomes a member of the National Confederation for Female Entrepreneurship

Comunicat de presa 2022-02-14
Banca Transilvania becomes a member of the National Confederation for Female Entrepreneurship
  • BT will convert the CONAF principles into actions, to support women with entrepreneurial spirit
  • Almost 35% of the legal entities clients with an account opened with Banca Transilvania have exclusively female executives
  • Romania ranks 26th out of 28 in the European Union in 2020 on the gender equality index

Banca Transilvania joins the National Confederation for Female Entrepreneurship - CONAF. Thanks to this partnership, BT will convert the CONAF principles, in line with the EU Strategy for Gender Equality 2020 - 2025, into actions aimed to support those women with entrepreneurial spirit from Romania.

CONAF supports and promotes women’s entrepreneurship, gender equality and equal opportunities. The organization identifies, centralizes and proposes solutions to the problems of the entrepreneurial environment.


  • Cristina Chiriac, President of CONAF: “We want to build a Romania in which there are no gender differences, but a fair partnership that allows the integration of women’s rights and equal opportunities into public policy making and ensures the representation of women at all levels of the decision-making process. In CONAF we have company members who support us in the actions taken, to recover the gender gaps and to encourage female entrepreneurship“. 
  • Daniel Szekely, executive manager SME & Microbusiness, Banca Transilvania: “Entrepreneurship development is based on either opportunity or necessity. We want more and more women with entrepreneurial spirit to be included in the first category because this is based on the desire to progress. Gender equality, women’s economic independence, participation in social and family life are essential for the sustainable growth of any economy. “

Almost 35% of the legal entities clients with an account with Banca Transilvania, have exclusively women as executives. Also, about 31,700 companies established in the last two years have a BT account.

Global indices on equality between women and men

  • (Gender Equality Index): At the EU level, Romania was ranked on the 26th place out of 28 countries on the gender equality index in 2020 - with a score of 54.4 out of 100 and 13.5 points lower than the EU average. Our country is on the same place as in 2010. The index measures the rate of full-time employment, women in ministerial positions or as members of Parliament, access to medical services, people at risk of poverty, and unpaid caregivers for children, grandchildren and the elderly. 
  • (The Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs): Romania was ranked on the 40th place out of almost 60 countries, with a score of 58.19, in 2020, 6 places lower than in 2019, which shows less favorable entrepreneurial conditions, with gender gaps in employment, financial inclusion and academic opportunities. The index tracks the impact of the pandemic on women’s participation in work, entrepreneurship and business management, the financial inclusion of women, the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the ease of doing business.
  • (The Global Gender Gap, World Economic Forum): Our country ranks 55th out of 153 countries analyzed. The index takes into account the following aspects: economic participation, access to education, health and survival, and political representation.