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Banca Transilvania becomes the main partner of the Romanian Basketball Federation

Comunicat de presa 2016-05-27
Banca Transilvania becomes the main partner of the Romanian Basketball Federation

Banca Transilvania becomes the main partner of the Romanian Basketball Federation, supporting its activity and competition undertakings.  The partnership was made known to the public by Mr. Ömer Tetik – Banca Transilvania CEO and Mr. Horia Paun – President of the Romanian Basketball Federation, during a press conference that took place in Bucharest today. 

Through this partnership, BT will sponsor the EuroBasket 2017 championship, will act as a main sponsor of the Men’s National  Basketball Team during the 2016-2017 competition season, will support the main tours and activities of the national basketball teams (men and women) U20, U18, U16, and will be the main sponsor of the Women’s Senior National  Basketball Team during the 2016-2017 competition season. 

The Romanian Basketball Federation comprises 275 affiliated clubs and more than 21,000 sportsmen enrolled in national competitions. 

“We are glad that Banca Transilvania becomes through this partnership the main supporter of Romanian basketball. By investing in local values, we invest in our national pride, basketball being a sports activity that is very much appreciated and practiced in our country, by players of all ages. We hope for the best results of the national team, as well as of club teams.  Banca Transilvania is a friend of Romanian basketball”,  declared Ömer Tetik, Banca Transilvania CEO.

 “The Romanian Basketball Federation is honored to officially announce the extension of its partnership with Banca Transilvania.  After BT became the official sponsor of the Women’s National  Basketball Team last year and a core partner for the EuroBasket Women 2017 qualification, I am pleased to announce that we decided to enhance this partnership and to turn it into a solid, long-term cooperation, envisaging both sports performance and the development and promotion of basketball among the young generation.  The partnership with Banca Transilvania will definitely help us obtain results that are equal to our confidence in this sport”. –  stated Horia Paun, President of the Romanian Basketball Federation.

 Banca Transilvania, the friend of the Romanian basketball

The bank is also the main financer of U-BT Cluj-Napoca Sports Club, and in December 2015 it became the official sponsor of the women’s basketball national team in the Qualification Campaign for Eurobasket 2017. Likewise, BT supports the growth of the future basketball player generations, being the partner of the “Ghita Muresan Summer Camp” program, and this year it will support the National Championship of Baby and Mini Basketball, dedicated to children aged 7-12. Banca Transilvania and the Romanian Basketball Federation have achieved together a European audience record in the preliminaries for Eurobasket Women in 2017; almost 7,000 spectators at the Romania-Turkey game that took place in Cluj-Napoca.

 Romanian Basketball

  • Romanian is among the 8 countries that in 1932 founded the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), together with  Argentina, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, and Switzerland.  In fact, Romania has also laid the foundations of modern basketball;
  • Ghita Muresan was the first Romanian who played in NBA. He started his career as a basketball player in Cluj-Napoca, at CS Universitatea Mobitelco, the present U-Banca Transilvania team sponsored by Banca Transilvania;
  • The European Basketball Championship (Eurobasket 2017) will take place  for the first time in Romania; our country took part in this competition 17 times.