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Banca Transilvania comes with discounts on credit benefits for shopping cards

Comunicat de presa 2021-03-01
Banca Transilvania comes with discounts on credit benefits for shopping cards

🔸 BT launches BaBeTe, a new online banking shopping campaign

🔸 Some of the most desired products and services have discounts or other benefits

🔸 Last year, more than 90,000 people applied in similar campaigns of BT

Banca Transilvania starts the first online banking shopping campaign of this year, BaBeTe. From March 1 to 7 2021, people who need financing for various plans can apply for these offers on the bank's website.

In 2020, similar campaigns were among the initiatives through which BT supported its customers through discounts and benefits. Over 90,000 people applied to #Odatalapatruani, #GoodVibesOnly, #SummerVibes, #HappyHomeDays or #MissionPossible, and over 20% were non-BT customers.

BaBeTe campaign offers:

  • Real estate loan – mortgage loan in RON:
    • 4,48% variable interest (IRCC + 2,60%);
    • The analysis fee is zero;
    • The lending period is up to 30 years;
    • The down payment must be at least 15% of the total value of the loan.

  • Personal needs loan with life and unemployment insurance and fixed interest, in RON:
    • 7.7% interest and zero analysis fee;
    • In the standard BT offer, the fixed interest rate of the loan is 9.5% for the persons receiving their income in a BT account, respectively 10.5% for the other persons;
    • The loan can amount up to 100000 RON.
  • Shopping cards:
    • STAR Forte brings 100 STAR loyalty points, which are the equivalent of 100 lei, and STAR Gold, 150 STAR points. The bank's standard offer is 10 points for both cards.
    • Customers can benefit from financing of up to 25,000 RON (with STAR Forte), respectively 50,000 (with STAR Gold);
    • Cards also include the possibility to buy with loyalty points or in interest-free installments at over 17,000 stores.
  • The Package that includes the Personal Needs Loan and the STAR Forte shopping card:
    • Amounts up to 100,000 RON can be borrowed through the Personal Needs Loan, respectively up to a maximum of 25,000 RON through the shopping card.
    • Personal needs loan: fixed interest rate of 6.75%, zero analysis fee and life and unemployment insurance. The current BT offer is 9.5% for people receiving their income in a BT account, respectively 10.5% for other persons.
    • STAR Forte shopping card: 100 RON in STAR points, ten times more loyalty points than in the standard offer.

  • Overdraft BT:
    • Fixed interest rate of 9%, compared to the bank's standard offer, which is 17%;
    • It is a loan on the current account, which can be up to 6 incomes, amounting to  maximum 50,000 RON, and the interest is paid only for the amount spent on the loan.

Individuals applying for these offers will receive a confirmation email from the bank with details regarding the next steps. The shopping cards for which it was applied during the BaBeTe campaign must be activated at BT ATMs by April 12 2021. at the latest, and the STAR points will be charged to the card by April 30 2021

The BaBeTe concept was inspired by the Romanian tradition, Babele, and is related to the first days of March. BT had a similar campaign in 2017.  In 2014 it started the first banking shopping campaigns in Romania, through another concept, Bank Friday.