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Banca Transilvania customers now have a new option for mobile payments, Google PayTM

Comunicat de presa 2020-11-17
Banca Transilvania customers now have a new option for mobile payments, Google PayTM

As of today, Banca Transilvania's customers have another option for Android mobile payments and cash withdrawals - Google PayTM, in addition to the bank's payments solution, BT Pay. It is a new icon brand with which BT collaborates to include alternatives for contactless payments in its offer.

BT cards can be added to Google Pay from the BT Pay wallet, without the need for other apps. Payments are simple and fast, made in two steps - Unlock & Pay - by unlocking the phone and bringing it near the POS.

As with the other BT alternatives for mobile payments, there is no need to enter the PIN for POS payments, regardless of the amount paid, which increases customer safety, a facility more than useful given the context of the current pandemic.

BT, the largest range of contactless payments options

The alternatives that Banca Transilvania’s customers can use for shopping are wearables solutions, and especially BT Pay, the first payments and banking super-app in Romania, with facilities including areas complementary to banking: donations, BT and partner offers and also health.

In addition to mobile payments and contactless cash withdrawals, the BT Pay app also gives users access to money transfers, online payments confirmation, card administration, adding cards issued by other banks and fintechs operating in Romania, etc.

With over 4.3 million cards issued, Banca Transilvania is the market leader in Romania. 1 out of 4 BT cards is in digital format, cards enrolled by customers in mobile wallets. An average of 12 transactions are made every second with BT cards.