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Banca Transilvania, IBM GBS and QUALITANCE, partners for BT technical modernization

Comunicat de presa 2021-05-13
Banca Transilvania, IBM GBS and QUALITANCE, partners for BT technical modernization

QUALITANCE FlowX.AI and IBM Global Business Services (GBS) were selected by Banca Transilvania to jointly develop an integrated, unified and scalable platform, based on artificial intelligence, that offers unitary digital experiences to the bank's employees and customers.

The FlowX.AI platform, created by QUALITANCE, helps Banca Transilvania in rebuilding, simplifying and automating digital interactions between employees and customers, accelerating further digital operations and developments. The three partners - BT, IBM GBS and QUALITANCE - have realized the integration with multiple existing systems, and will be gradually scaled across the entire Banca Transilvania network, consisting of over 500 branches and agencies.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity of creating the most advanced platform for developing digital experiences in the financial sector in BT, with whom we have discovered that we share the same vision about the future of financial services. We are also honored that our over 10-year partnership with IBM is expanding into one of our most ambitious projects to date," stated Ioan Iacob, co-founder of QUALITANCE and CEO of FlowX.AI.

"We are proud to be on this journey together with Banca Transilvania," stated Hary Olaru, Vice President of IBM Services Client Innovation Centers Europe. "IBM Services' capacity, along with the extensive technical expertise provided by our local experts in Romania, will allow Banca Transilvania to continue its innovative approach and respond to the customers needs, while ensuring compliance with the essential infrastructure requirements and regulations specific to the financial industry. We are ready to continue to develop this successful partnership with Banca Transilvania by offering innovative solutions and added value.", added Mr. Olaru.

“The new platform means adopting the latest IT technologies that help us reduce the operational complexity, with positive effects for both customers and employees. In addition to the step taken by BT to continue the technological advancement, the development of the platform was a learning experience for us all - as a bank, as a team. We thank our partners IBM GBS and QUALITANCE for their support.", declares Mr. Leontin Toderici, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Banca Transilvania. The platform, developed by QUALITANCE, revolutionizes the way banks build and offer digital interactions to employees and customers. The QUALITANCE FlowX.AI technology platform helps banks develop scalable digital interfaces in up to 10 times shorter time periods than the traditional solutions and make use of the artificial intelligence and behavioral design components.

Based on its own innovative and hyper-scalable architecture, a library of reusable components and artificial intelligence, the FlowX.AI platform accelerates the development of new digital functionalities by up to 80%, compared to traditional tech platforms, so that complex banking modules can be implemented in 10 weeks.

IBM also offers Banca Transilvania multiple security and cloud solutions that facilitate secure and easy access to banking services.