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Banca Transilvania, in the top of the strongest Romanian brands, in 2021

Comunicat de presa 2021-09-01
Banca Transilvania, in the top of the strongest Romanian brands, in 2021

Banca Transilvania is one of the strongest Romanian brands, according to the ranking realized by BIZ magazine and Unlock Research, BrandRo. BT is on the 27th position out of the 50 Romanian favorite brands.

  • The top is based on the study conducted by Unlock Research, which measures the power of brands in terms of trust and affection given by consumers, without taking into account the financial or commercial indicators.

  • The performance of Romanian brands is measured based on 3 indicators: brand importance, degree of use and notoriety.

  • The importance of a brand for the consumer was measured using the MaxDiff (Maximum Differentiation Scaling) methodology.

  • According to this year's analysis, if in 2020 the main need of Romanians was for brands to support them - especially emotionally, not just functionally - in 2021 the dynamics between them and brands is different: I no longer feel the need for brands to cover a minus, but they want to give them a plus.

  • The study is based on 600 online interviews and is representative at the urban level, category 18 - 55 years. Respondents chose between brands, respectively they chose which is the most important / least important brand for them, on 10 categories of brands.

The first edition of BrandRo took place 12 years ago, and ever since then BIZ analyzes every year the strongest Romanian brands and their annual evolution.

The story of the BT brand started almost 30 years ago, in Cluj-Napoca, with a branch and a team of 13 people. Today, Banca Transilvania is the largest bank in Romania, with over 3.2 million customers and about 9,000 people in the team.