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Banca Transilvania opened the third unit in Rome

Comunicat de presa 2016-07-26
Banca Transilvania opened the third unit in Rome

Banca Transilvania strengthens its presence in Italy, by opening Villanova Agency. At the present, BT has three operating units in Rome.


So far this year, BT has opened two agencies in Rome, in line with its strategy to consolidate its presence in this area. Being the only Romanian bank in Italy, Banca Transilvania intends to support the entrepreneurial spirit beyond country borders and to be as close as possible to the Romanian community living in Rome and nearby.


  • The offer of BT Villanova Agency is addressed both to individuals and companies, comprising deposits, real estate loans, BT24 Internet Banking and Mobile Banking, debit cards, fast money transfers between BT Italy and BT Romania, cheque cashing, SEPA transfers, etc.
  • Clients can receive advisory services in Romanian or Italian language, they can get assistance on using the BT24 Internet Banking application and they have free Internet access inside the agency.
  • Address of the new BT agency: Via Nazionale Tiburtina, 8, Villanova, 00012 Guidonia Montecelio, Roma.
  • Most popular services provided by BT Italy: money transfers to BT Romania and loans for real estate acquisition in Romania.


Banca Transilvania extended to Italy in January 2014, where it now counts 3,500 clients serviced by a mixed team of Romanian and Italian employees.