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Bank Friday comes with the best BT offers of the year

Comunicat de presa 2020-11-06
Bank Friday comes with the best BT offers of the year

Banca Transilvania launches today BANK Friday, a new online banking shopping campaign. Since the beginning of the pandemic, BT has launched five more such campaigns to increase the customers' access to loans to finance their plans during this period.

BANK Friday comes between November 6 and 15 2020 with the best BT offers of the  year for some of the most requested products and services: mortgages, personal loans, shopping cards, business cards, overdraft, car leasing, BT Pay and insurance. The bank has an online offer, including for medical doctors, the credit for professional needs.

For example, the variable interest rate on real estate / mortgage loans in RON is 4.56% (IRCC + 2.39% per year, zero analysis fee and PAD policy offered by Groupama, free of charge for one year. For the personal needs loan, with life insurance and unemployment insurance, the interest rate is fixed, 6.99%, and the analysis fee is zero. If the personal loan is accessed together with the STAR shopping card, the interest rate is fixed, 6.49%, and the card comes with 250 STAR points for a credit line of at least 2,000 RON and card purchases of at least 500 RON until December 31, 2020.

 “We launched Black Friday 6 years ago, in 2014 and we were the first bank in Romania to come up with shopping events for customers. We do this because we see how much the customers appreciate them and we want to continue to be close to our customers’ dreams and ambitions. Bank Friday, launched today, is the best BT offer this year." - states Sergiu Mircea, Executive Manager Marketing and Communication, Banca Transilvania.

Because other Black Friday campaigns are approaching at different retailers, Banca Transilvania has prepared on the online platform “Intreb BT”, information on how to optimally manage cards, such as: changing the trading limit, enrolling a card in 3D Secure for online payments , as well as other details about the bank's products and services used to pay on the online shopping. For information about accounts, products and services, customers have at their disposal the Livia chatbot from BT. Also, two of the newest features of the BT Pay super-app are useful for online shopping: access to details about each card in the application - number, expiration date and CVV -, respectively biometric authentication or using the unlocking mobile phone method.