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BT Club launches two new financial education projects, dedicated to SMEs and start-ups

Comunicat de presa 2016-06-08
BT Club launches two new financial education projects, dedicated to SMEs and start-ups

BT Club launches  two new financial education projects, dedicated to start-up or future entrepreneurs,Financial IntelligenceandPractical Ideas for the first start-up months.These seminars will each take place during approx. 2 years.

 The Club is an initiative of Banca Transilvania and its mission is to support entrepreneurial culture and education. It is the first program of this kind on the banking market in Romania and it was launched 10 years ago. The average annual budget of BT Club for education is EUR 150,000.


The two new programs are: BT Club tour organized in the most important cities

The programs are organized within a tour scheduled in the most representatives cities in the country. The courses address all the entrepreneurs and the registration is to be made on the website, free of charge.

  • Financial Intelligence is a seminar for the ones interest in their own education, as a prerequisite for a better management of their or the company’s finances, improving the quality of life. The seminar is delivered by Eusebiu Burcas, money management consultant and financial trainer.
  • Practical Ideas for the first start-up monthsis a seminar dedicated to future entrepreneurs. The program will be implemented in cooperation with Magnoliu Stan, who has a complex experience in consultancy and training, as well as in the field of entrepreneurship.

BT Club and Banca Transilvania estimate that more than 20,000 individuals and companies will benefit from these two programs, with an average of 200 participants/course.


BT Club, in figures:

  • For 10 years part of the entrepreneur community in Romania;
  • Over 21,000 members in the whole country; the registration is free of charge;
  • More than 750 courses, seminars and workshops organized in 65 cities in the country, with more than 35,000 participants; the participation free of charge
  • Over 100 topics; 70 partners supporting the projects, including persons in the team of Banca Transilvania financial Group;
  • BT Club also carries out a series of eventsEntrepreneurs on stage. For students: events organized in Bucharest and in Cluj-Napoca, facilitating meetings between students and personalities with entrepreneurial spirit, renown in a certain field of activity.


The club supports the business environment with consultancy, entrepreneurial education tools and networking, as well as support in accessing European funds.