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BT Leasing facilitates the SMEs' access to technology through the latest government program

Comunicat de presa 2020-10-30
BT Leasing facilitates the SMEs' access to technology through the latest government program

BT Leasing (BTL) supports the entrepreneurs by getting involved in the government's SME Leasing for equipment and machinery program. State guarantees, partially subsidized interest and the possibility to purchase second-hand goods are the main advantages of the program. Interested entrepreneurs can apply directly on the BTL website

The initiative is an opportunity for small and medium sized companies with activity in production, trade and services to invest in capacities that can contribute to increasing their sales and cost efficiency by increasing their digitalization degree and by automating their activity. 

"We welcome the state's initiative to launch this financial leasing investment guarantee program. Each company should have a plan for a periodic renewal of vehicles and production equipment with newer technologies, and BT Leasing aims to facilitate the access to such technologies for as many Romanian SMEs, thus ensuring an increased efficiency and productivity.” - states Ionut Morar, Chief Executive Officer, BT Leasing.


Details about the program:

  • Up to 80% of the financing amount for the purchase of IT equipment or a maximum of 60% for the purchase of technological machinery and equipment, vehicles for the transport of goods and persons, used for commercial purposes, is guaranteed.
  • The maximum cumulated value of the guaranteed financing that can be granted to a beneficiary is 5 million RON.
  • The maximum duration of the leasing period is 72 months.
  • The down-payment is of maximum 20% of the financed good acquisition value.
  • They are subsidized by the state: half of the interest, the risk commission and the management commission.

Banca Transilvania will transfer to BT Leasing its best practices and experience from its current initiatives, IMM Invest and the grant program. 

BT Leasing, over 15,000 customers and 30,000 contracts 

BT Leasing has been on the leasing market for over 20 years, during which time it financed over 15,000 customers and concluded over 30,000 contracts. In 2019, BT Leasing bonds were listed, thus becoming the second company of Banca Transilvania Financial Group to use the financing mechanisms of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.