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BT Leasing supports the environmentally friendly solutions through financing for electric and hybrid cars

Comunicat de presa 2020-10-20
BT Leasing supports the environmentally friendly solutions through financing for electric and hybrid cars

BT Leasing (BTL) launches Drive Green, a financing offer for new or used electric or hybrid cars for individuals.

Through low interest and fees until the end of the year, BTL aims to encourage the use of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient cars through this campaign.  


Details about the offer:

  • Fixed interest: 3.5%, in EUR; monthly fee: zero; down payment: 20 – 50%;
  • Maximum financing period: 5 years;
  • The leasing fee is 150 EUR + VAT, and the fee for logistics services, 190 EUR + VAT;
  • It includes a complete services package: insurance + registration of the vehicle;
  • The total financial debts (loans’ instalments + leasing and insurance instalments) of an applicant must be at a maximum level of 20% of the total income, established according to the tax return form from ANAF, respectively at a maximum level of 25% if the income is in EUR or indexed in EUR;
  • In case of used cars, the car’s age must not exceed 8 years at the end of the leasing period.


Examples: If the car’s value is 29,750 euros (VAT included), the duration of the loan is 5 years (60 equal instalments), the interest is fixed (3.5% per year), the down payment is 20%, i.e. 5,950 euros (VAT included) ) and the residual value is 1%, a customer will have a monthly instalment of almost 430 EUR (VAT included), and the DAE is 4.23%. The total lease cost amounts to 2,631.09 EUR (VAT included), and the total amount related to the leasing contract to be paid is 32,381.09 EUR (VAT included).


#ThinkGreen & BT Financial Group

With teams spread all over the country, Banca Transilvania Financial Group is part of almost 180 communities. BT finances environmentally friendly projects both individually and in partnership with other international institutions, such as BERD, IFC and EEEF, and in all credit analyses the bank uses a standard environmental risk assessment model. For BT, #ThinkGreen means responsible use of natural resources, supporting business ideas, online banking solutions, green loans and forestry volunteer actions.