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BT Mic supports the education by financing private schools and kindergartens

BT Mic supports the education by financing private schools and kindergartens

BT Mic launches the Education Loan to support the entrepreneurs who run a private school or kindergarten and need financing for their business. The loan means access, in just a few days, to amounts of up to 200,000 lei, with a European guarantee.

This launch takes place in a time of challenges for schools and kindergartens, for education in general, moreover considering that the access to financing in this sector is limited. The solution with which BT Mic comes, is, at the same time, a message of trust for the entrepreneurs who, despite the pandemic context, have plans for the future, thus contributing to the development of the Romanian education.

The initiative is part of the Banca Transilvania Financial Group sustainability strategy, in which responsible financing and generating a positive impact on the economy and society represent a priority.

"Easy access to financing in such a period is a necessity for any business, and education is among the sectors most exposed to the economic stress generated by the current context. That is why we wanted to come up with a dedicated financing solution, in this stage of transformation and reinvention of education”- states Cristina Sindile, Chief Executive Officer, BT Mic. 

Details about the latest BT Mic loan:  

  • The entrepreneurs  can apply online on the BT Mic website.
  • The loan is for kindergartens and schools, regardless of their form of organization, SRL, association or foundation, which have at least 3 months of activity.
  • Financing can be used for any development/plan in such a business: online platforms, licenses, applications, employee training, educational events, renovations and equipment, other types of expenses, etc.
  • The maximum financing period is 7 years.
  • The guarantee is granted by the European Investments Fund (EIF).

BT Mic is one of the companies of Banca Transilvania Financial Group, which completes the role of the bank to support entrepreneurs. It is addressed to companies with an annual turnover of up to 1 million lei, from all fields of activity. So far, BT Mic has supported more than 13,000 small businesses to grow. The company offers more than financing: customers are promoted on the BT Mic Blog, part of the initiative carried out during this period, Buy from a small business. Also, through the Raul chatbot, that can be accessed on the BT Mic website, small business entrepreneurs can apply easily for a loan from BT Mic.