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BT Private Banking Cluj-Napoca moved in a new home

Comunicat de presa 2016-04-11
BT Private Banking Cluj-Napoca moved in a new home

● The story of Casa Alba, a brand in Cluj ●


BT Private Banking Cluj-Napoca moved in a new home, at Casa Albă, located on 22 Emil Racoviță street. A landmark with a history of over 100 years that will welcome top clients. Banca Transilvania has over 4,000 Private Banking clients nationwide, 600 based in Cluj. Through the Private Banking division, the bank manages assets of over M 800 EUR. In 2015, compared to 2014, the number of premium clients increased with 18%, assets-wise the growth reached 20%. In Bucharest, BT Private Banking in located in a villa, on Jean Monnet street.


Horia Ciorcila, Chairman of the Board, states: „We are happy that from now on we will welcome our customers in a premium location with an interwar charm and a special story. Moving BT Private Banking to new premises is part of our plan of sophistication in terms of large customers, especially because this year we estimate a 10% increase in the number of Private Banking customers or the value of assets managed”.


  • Banking with style at Casa Alba

BT Private Banking’s location is at the highest standards thanks to high end refurbishment. Banca Transilvania has preserved the building's original architectural style, and all the original elements: portions of terrazzo pavement; wrought iron railings decorated with geometric and stylized windows and doors. The bank also kept the brand Casa Alba because of its local reputation. Its new visual identity suggests "banking with style".


  • Casa Alba, a history of over 100 years

The story of the location began almost 100 years ago, when Mozes Farkas, a lawyer and entrepreneur famous at the time, bought a land in an elite area, where he built a house for his family. The owner of the house was one of the representatives ofthe economic elite in Cluj and of the Jewish community in the area, an associate and manager at the Leather and Footwear Factory Renner Brothers & Co., founded in 1911. The factory becomes Dermata and thereafter known as Clujana. In 1950, his residence was nationalized and was converted into a restaurant-café, and subsequently became a luxurious hotel – Casa Alba.