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BT's Raul Chatbot helps small business entrepreneurs apply online for a BT Mic loan

Comunicat de presa 2020-12-14
BT's Raul Chatbot helps small business entrepreneurs apply online for a BT Mic loan

Small business entrepreneurs can quickly apply for a loan with BT Mic through the BT’s Raul chatbot in order to start or grow a business. It can be accessed on the BT Mic website, by phone, tablet or computer.

The development announced today was carried out by teams of Banca Transilvania and BT Mic, in collaboration with DRUID and Namirial. This is the second novelty with which Raul comes from the beginning of the pandemic for the 11,500 active customers of BT Mic, besides launching the chatbot on WhatsApp (0757 080 006). Through it, our customers can find out details about the loans they have, such as the value and maturity of the installment, respectively the amount that still has to be paid by the end of the lending period.

"Through the chatbots we aim to increase the area of online support offered in real time to our customers. Customers have the freedom to check anytime and from anywhere information about our Banking products and facilities, but also to request certain services. Nowadays, when the quick access to information is essential, Raul, the chatbot from BT, will offer to the BT Mic customers the option to apply online for financing."- states Marius Flore, Digital Banking Manager, Banca Transilvania.

Options for the entrepreneurs who want to apply for a loan with BT Mic, through Raul:

  • Electronic signing of the necessary documentation to start the assessment of a financing application: Credit application, Agreement for reviewing the database of the Central Credit Register and Information on the processing of personal data in the Credit Bureau system. The option is valid for the BT customers.
  • Uploading the documents: allows you to send financial documents that help the BT Mic team analyze the application in an extremely efficient manner and to grant faster the credit, both for the BT customers and also for those who do not currently work with BT.
  • Credit simulations in a flexible manner: based on the amount that can be paid monthly, the entrepreneurs find out the amount they can borrow from BT Mic and for what lending period. The option is also valid for those entrepreneurs who are not currently BT customers.

Despite the pandemic and the changing of trends, BT Mic has financed over 1,700 small companies during the last 6 months and kept the maximum financing terms, flexible amounts and guarantees, but also the response time of 4 days. It also launched on the BT Mic Blog the “Buy from a small business initiative aimed to encourage as many people as possible to buy from newly created companies or from small, family businesses. The stories of these businesses can be followed on the blog, and people can easily buy from them, given that each article contains the contact information of the company - website, social media profile or address.

Banca Transilvania has 6 chatbots for communicating with its customers and employees, and they offered 20 million answers during the first nine months of the year. More details about the conversational banking can be found in the Chatbots of BT white paper.


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About BT Mic:

BT Mic is the company of Banca Transilvania Financial Group dedicated to financing small businesses, including start-ups, which completes the BT's role in supporting the Romanian entrepreneurs. It is addressed to entrepreneurs with a turnover of up to 1 million lei, regardless of the field of activity and the form of organization - from companies, authorized individuals, enterprises / family associations, individual enterprises, freelancers, to persons who carry out economic activities. During its four years activity, BT Mic has so far supported 13,500 micro-enterprises that have generated over 20,000 jobs in 2,000 localities in Romania. More details can be found on the BT Mic website and on the BT Mic Blog.