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BT Visual Help has a new card management option

Comunicat de presa 2020-12-10
BT Visual Help has a new card management option

🔸 Record number of interactions in the application, in November: about 100,000 🔸

BT Visual Help comes with a new feature for the best possible management of cards and money, Challenge transactions. The omni-channel platform through which customers who contact the BT call center team are guided to the self-banking area, was developed by the fintech CallVU (Israel). Since its launch in 2019 and until now, BT and CallVU have permanently expanded the range of options for individual and corporate customers.

The figures show that the pandemic has significantly accelerated the use mobile banking application. In November 2020, BT Visual Help recorded a record number of interactions, almost 100,000, meaning 8 times more than in February 2020. A percentage of 70% of the monthly sessions are initiated by new users.

How can a BT transaction be challenged with Visual Help:

With the new option, certain transactions made with the physical or digital card at the ATM, POS or online can be refused for payment. The steps are as follows:

  • Calling at the following phone numbers:
    • 0264 308 000
    • Or 0264 308 028 / select the option BT Visual Help
  • Access the link received via SMS
  • Authentication
  • Access the option Challenge transactions in BT Visual Help and the steps indicated for completion

Other self-banking features through BT Visual Help:

  • Transaction history for each BT current account  (for a period of 3 days);
  • Request for the account statement;
  • Information on installment payments with our STAR cards
  • Blocked amounts / amounts to be paid from the account for card transactions or at  other banks POS;
  • Details of payment obligations for BT credit cards
  • Account information - from IBAN, account amount, currency, number of STAR points
  • Download the list of IBANs;
  • Temporary or permanent card blocking
  • Requesting the reissue of a card after the final blocking;
  • Changing the trading limits with bank cards
  • Navigating to other BT solutions for #bankingladistanta – distance banking.

Banca Transilvania is the leader of the cards market in Romania, with almost 4.3 million cards, of which 525,000 are credit cards. 1 out of 4 cards issued by Banca Transilvania is in digital format, in BT Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay. An average of 12 transactions take place every second with the bank’s cards.

Banca Transilvania & CallVU


About Banca Transilvania

Banca Transilvania is the largest bank in Romania and the main lender of the economy. With a story started 27 years ago, BT has almost 18% market share, 3.2 million customers, 3 business lines, over 9,000 team members, state-of-the-art online banking solutions and 500 units in 180 citiess. It is the only Romanian banking brand in the Brand Finance Banking 500 (2020) ranking. Beyond banking, Banca Transilvania wants to have a positive impact in Romania, both for people and for business and the environment. For more details, visit, BT's blog and the bank's Twitter profile.

Despre CallVU

CallVU, one of the leaders in digital customer engagement, helps global companies to increase their operational efficiency and deliver positive customer experiences through digital transformation. The advanced CallVU platform is implemented by major companies globally and supports them to automate a wide range of services, sales and customer support processes. By transforming each customer's interaction into a customer engagement, CallVU solutions enable companies to increase the use of digital content, facilitate faster resolutions for the company’s customer requests, and increase the sales conversions.