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BT’s Plan for Volksbank Romania Clients with Swiss Franc Loans

Comunicat de presa 2015-04-07
BT’s Plan for Volksbank Romania Clients with Swiss Franc Loans

Approximately 18.300 VBRO clients can benefit from BT’s solutions


Considering the acquisition of Volksbank Romania, Banca Transilvania, as the majority shareholder of Volksbank Romania, is making public the offer dedicated to VBRO clients with Swiss franc loans. Approximately 18.300 clients of Volksbank Romania may benefit, at their request, from the solutions offered by BT.


Banca Transilvania’s offer for CHF loan clients:

  • is available starting on May 4, 2015, in all Volksbank Romania units;
  • the conversion will be made at the NBR exchange rate from the date when the documentation is signed before a notary public;
  • a 22.5% reduction is offered to clients who wish to convert loans from CHF to RON or EUR; this percentage does not include the risk fee that was effectively paid by customers throughout the loan period. The actual amount of the total reduction is therefore different, depending on the situation of each individual client, taking into account the loan balance, any existing overdue payments and penalties or special situations in which the risk/administration fee has already been recovered from Volksbank Romania by clients;
  • the risk/administration fee will no longer be calculated for all customers who are currently in the portfolio of Volksbank Romania and who have signed loan agreements for CHF currency and, in addition, the amounts that have already been paid by customers to cover this fee will be returned, through the reduction of the outstanding loan balance;
  • the decision to freeze the CHF exchange rate is extended by one month, until May 17, 2015, being maintained at the level of December 31, 2014.


The steps of the offer:

  • starting with May 4, 2015, Volksbank Romania customers will be contacted by telephone and invited to a meeting, at one of the VBRO premises; the Volksbank Romania infrastructure is currently being prepared, so that everything goes as expected;
  • BT will grant priority to social cases and to clients who, in spite of the hardships caused by the growth of the CHF rate during the past years, continued to be good payers.


The risk/administration fee will also cease to be applied for those clients who are currently in the Volksbank Romania portfolio and who have signed loan agreements with Volksbank Romania for amounts in RON, EUR or USD. The return will be made by reducing the loan balance that will be applied at a later date, following the completion of the conversion program for VBRO customers with Swiss franc loans.


BT has made available a dedicated number, 0800.800.881, free of charge in any national network, both fixed and mobile.


Banca Transilvania intends to build a positive, long-term relationship with all the clients of Volksbank Romania, and the offer dedicated to clients with Swiss franc loans is a first step to this purpose.