Chairman’s message to BT’s shareholders: We are navigating this period with confidence. Courage, Romania!

Comunicat de presa2020-04-30
Chairman’s message to BT’s shareholders:  We are navigating this period with confidence. Courage, Romania!

Dear investors,

As we are currently living times that no one would have thought of, with your permission, I would like to share with you how we are handling the new reality, both at our organizational level and in relation to our stakeholders, what we are doing for Romanian citizens, how we are actively involved in the fight against COVID- 19 trying to help people, hospitals and Romania in general.

During our 26 years of existence, Banca Transilvania reinvested in Romania almost all the profits obtained, targeting responsible and sustainable growth, supporting the economy, companies, entrepreneurs and the dreams of Romanians. This responsible approach prepared us well for challenges such as the ones we are passing today.

However, the current situation is a challenge for Banca Transilvania too. It means another reinvention for BT, the fourth during its corporate existence - in fact an adaptation to an unprecedented situation. Since the beginning of this crisis, the attitude of our bank has been proactive towards employees, clients and partners. Over 500,000 customers benefit now from the measures and facilities announced as a matter of priority, helping them move forward.

We are pleased that we have managed to contribute with EUR 2 million aiding hospitals and communities from over 30 localities in the effort to limit and prevent the spread of the pandemic and to increase the people's access to testing and treatment.

Also as a matter of priority, measures have been taken for the safety and health of our customers and employees. We have ensured our customers with permanent access to their accounts and savings - over 400 branches are open, the ATMs are permanently working 24/7 and we provide several important self-banking services. We continued to finance people and companies. We’ve accelerated different online banking projects: practically we moved forward launching schedules, we mobilized additional teams and we came up with new solutions for our customers: from remote account opening, to news distributed via mobile banking and to assistance for entrepreneurs to move sales online, keeping their businesses alive.

New math

With minuses and pluses more than ever, numbers mean now people - employees, patients, heroes. A major plus is the capacity to inspire trust and confidence comes from our DNA. In the front line or from home, in agencies or at the headquarters, by e-mail or by phone, Banca Transilvania's team works for clients. But trust also comes from customers and shareholders, who appreciate the bank’s path and engagement.

What gives us courage

The bank’s financial position, the strong liquidity and robust capitalization, the sustainable approach, the investments made so far in digital, all help us navigating through this period with confidence. Without these strengths it would have been difficult to support clients affected by the current economic and social turmoil.

What we have built so far at BT – starting with the founders’ amazing dream, which has become the largest bank in the country - gives us courage, especially because we know that we are a pillar for Romania and that we are part of the life of 3 million customers and 10,000 employees.

With the entrepreneurship in its DNA, Banca Transilvania remains committed to continue financing the economy

We are aware of the bank’s responsibilities in the joint effort to get over the current difficulties. We are confident in our strengths: the relationship with our customers, investors and employees, the bank’s capitalization, the prudent approach, our capabilities and the experience of the team.

I would like to thank the bank's shareholders for their confidence in Banca Transilvania's ability to manage this new reality, to support Romania's economy and to continue the bank's healthy development, generating long-term value for all the parties involved. We are very happy that Banca Transilvania is a landmark for the Romanian capital market and that a large number of foreign investors remain interested in the bank's story, supporting our strategy and plans.

I would also like to thank the entire BT team for their commitment and involvement. They were and remained in front line normality for Romanians. It is proof of mobilization, responsibility, solidarity and attachment towards Banca Transilvania.

We all had and must continue to have plans and dreams. Courage, Romania!

Horia Ciorcilă

Chairman of Banca Transilvania’s Board of Directors                                          

April 30, 2020

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