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#CumparaDeLangaTine Challenge, an action launched by BT to support the local businesses

Comunicat de presa 2020-10-27
#CumparaDeLangaTine Challenge, an action launched by BT to support the local businesses
  • Banca Transilvania wants to show solidarity, and, together with the Romanians, to support the local entrepreneurs
  • The bank launches, for the first time, an initiative through the voice of the „people from BT”, to show reasons and examples for which the local businesses deserve to be supported


BT launches a new initiative to support the entrepreneurs, this time for those who are part of our daily lives through their businesses. The coffee shop on our way to the office, the shop with everything next to the block, the flower shop on the neighboring street or the online store with natural products - and many other examples - are local businesses and the soul of any neighborhood or city.

Cumpara de langa tine! is the challenge launched by BT to bring people together again, so that as many people as possible can find out about them. Entrepreneurs, regardless of the size of their business, pay taxes and create jobs. By supporting the neighborhood businesses, the Romanians support the local economy. The first step was taken by the bank's employees, by recommending some businesses from the country, even if they are not BT customers. The campaign starts today with Ömer Tetik, CEO of BT, presenting Filgud (Bucharest), with Tiberiu Moisă, Deputy CEO MidCorporate & IMM of BT, who talks about Panemar (Cluj-Napoca) and with Sorina Ţigantea, Agribusiness Customer Relations Manager BT, who endorses the business Floare de Banat (Timişoara). Many other #OameniDeLaBT (#peoplefromBT) will follow.

"People ask me what needs to be done now in Romania. I think there is a lot to do, but one thing each of us can easily do is to support the local businesses, buy from the people and businesses next to us. This is how we support the whole country and ourselves, indirectly. I am happy to be part of this initiative and I challenge those who know me, my colleagues and friends: choose a neighborhood business and buy from there, there are many of them and they make a good job. They have quality products, comparable to anything that comes from import. The challenge is open!” - states Ömer Tetik, CEO of BT. "It's not just a campaign. We want to start a movement so that each of us thinks more about the impact of our purchases on the economy and their impact on the country’s development.” Ömer Tetik added.

The bank came up with other initiatives to support the entrepreneurs in the context of the pandemic. These are the two hubs for online shopping, #DirectLaTine and #InMiscare, launched together with the customers, as well as “Cumpara de la o afacere mica”, to encourage as many people as possible to buy from businesses at the beginning of the road.