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First Post-MBA school from Romania

Comunicat de presa 2022-08-23
First Post-MBA school from Romania
  • The program starts on September 7 and will have 3 workshops:
    • Strategy and Innovation (7 September)
    • Operations and Supply Chain Management (24 October)
    • Systemic thinking in business (7 December)
  • The Post-MBA School is targeting those people with at least 5 years of management experience
  • The workshops take place in Cluj-Napoca

Transilvania Executive Education (TEE) continues to develop the educational opportunities for the business environment by launching the first Post-MBA school in Romania, after succeeding in 2014 in bringing the first 100% British Executive MBA program to Cluj-Napoca. TEE was launched by Babes-Bolyai University, Banca Transilvania and Electrogrup, and over the years the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Emerson, Endava, the Romanian-British Chamber of Commerce and the Romanian-Dutch Chamber of Commerce have joined this educational endeavor. 

  • The idea of this project is to offer to the business community gathered around the TEE educational programmes an opportunity to meet again, in a structured learning environment, under the guidance of international experts who are part of the teaching team of the Executive MBA programme endorsed by Buckingham University.
  • Each meeting is structured as a physiscal presence workshop, which takes place in Cluj-Napoca for 6 hours (from 2pm to 8pm). The international experts present at the event will address the latest trends/models that participants can apply in their organizations the next day. 
  • The workshops are targeting those executives with at least 5 years of management experience. The price for each meeting is 120 EUR +VAT for the alumni of the educational programmes offered by TEE and 200 EUR+VAT for participants who will join the TEE community on this occasion.  
  • The registration of each workshop is made online


  • Tiberiu Moisa, Chairman of Transilvania Executive Education:The launch of the Post-MBA School is an invitation to the TEE community to continue the learning experience that has brought us together. We want to build an environment where discussions about strategy, innovation or strategic thinking can come alive and contribute to a permanent development. We have so much to learn from each other: alumni of the Executive MBA programme, participants of the TEE’s Strategy for a Digital Economy course, but also from successful entrepreneurs and managers. We want to connect and build further.”  

  • Alin Baiescu, alumnus of the Executive MBA Programme, Alumni representative on the TEE board:  “The launch of the Post MBA School is yet another proof of the fact that the Executive MBA programme organized by TEE for 7 years now, has successfully achieved its two main objectives: the development of knowledge and skills necessary for the professional development of the Romanian managers and entrepreneurs, on the one hand, and the enrichment of the business and personal relationships circle, on the other.”

The first workshop will take place on September 7 and will be lectured by Robert Lewis, an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience and lecturer in the Strategy and Value Creation module of the Executive MBA program in Cluj.