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Gold Recognition from Community Index for three CSR projects of Banca Transilvania

Comunicat de presa 2022-07-21
Gold Recognition from Community Index for three CSR projects of Banca Transilvania

Three CSR projects supported by Banca Transilvania received Gold Recognition from the Community Index, with an evaluation score of over 85%. 

Azores Sustainability & CSR Services, the market leader in Romania in terms of Sustainability and CSR analysis, has published the fourth edition of the Community Index, the most comprehensive annual ranking of CSR projects, structured on almost 20 categories and with a scorecard on 46 indicators. The Community Index annually analyses more than 850 projects in Romania, carried out during January - December. The ranking is a component of the Romania CST Index (Corporate Sustainability & Transparency Index), which evaluates the information in sustainability reports published by companies.

BT-supported projects that have received Gold Recognition following their complexity and performance analysis:

  • Screening saves lives (Banca Transilvania, Regina Maria) - Employee Involvement Category
  • Inclusive in the neighborhood (Banca Transilvania, Bucharest Community Foundation) - Sustainable Cities Category
  • Choose the cause you want to support through donations made via BT Pay (Banca Transilvania, Save the Children, SOS Children’s Villages, Hope and Homes for Children, Give Wings, Tasuleaza Social) - Diversity & Inclusion Category

Trends in sustainability and CSR
Acccording to Azores Sustainability & CSR Services, the market for community related investments and donations has grown in recent years, to over  EUR 80 million annually, mainly for projects related to:

  • Education for pupils (8.4%)
  • Health (11.5%)
  • Disadvantaged environments (18.1%)
  • Arts & culture (9.2%)
  • Combating climate change (under 5%)
  • Sustainable cities (4.4%)


Following the analysis, Azores Sustainability & CSR Services identified the following trends:

  • Greater transparency from companies on the results and impact of the CSR projects;
  • Greater alignment of companies’ CSR strategy with industry specifics and business strategy;
  • Increased employee interest in helping communities. Increased appreciation of people who value companies that offer this opportunity;
  • Increased company interest in long-term goals, with a focus on generating positive multi-year impact and developing skills that will stay in the community.

BT’s latest sustainability report can be accessed here, while more details on how to get involved socially are available here.