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Horia Ciorcila, Omer Tetik and Aurel Bernat, among the most admired and appreciated businesspeople

Comunicat de presa 2020-11-02
Horia Ciorcila, Omer Tetik and Aurel Bernat, among the most admired and appreciated businesspeople

Horia Ciorcila, Chairman of Banca Transilvania Board of Directors, Omer Tetik, CEO of BT and Aurel Bernat, CEO of BT Asset Management, were named among the most admired and appreciated business people. The awards were received at the CEO Awards 2020 Gala, organized by Business Magazin at the end of October 2020. The event brought together executives and company founders, and this year's theme was “Advice for younger me”.

Based on the nominations of the Romanian business community, Business Magazin made two rankings, 100 the most admired CEOs in Romania and 100 top young managers. BT representatives were in the top 10 places in these rankings.

Statements of the BT representatives at the event:

Horia Ciorcila:

"I am more than honored for the award and thank you for the nomination. What is my message to young people, especially for those in business?

The world is constantly changing, with an unprecedented speed, and that is why young people must try to be as adaptable as possible, open to change and to attempts that bring them different experiences. Ideally, they should do what they like because passion always makes a difference. To know how to choose their friends, to surround themselves with quality people, that help them grow and from whom they can always learn new things.

Education is essential in all its forms in order to be better prepared, but also to have an open mind and courage to overcome challenges. The real challenge is given to us by the life itself. "

Aurel Bernat:

"It's very important in life to try. But when you realize that the direction is not right – either in business or on personal level - at least to finish it quickly and have time to recover. It's essential to have people close and an organization that supports and promotes you. Professional advice? Best-effort, meaning, any activity we do, to give everything we can, the best we have and to be satisfied with what we do".