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Ömer Tetik, Banker of the Year for 25 Years of the Financial Market

Comunicat de presa 2020-12-08
Ömer Tetik, Banker of the Year for 25 Years of the Financial Market

Ömer Tetik, CEO of Banca Transilvania, was named Banker of the Year for 25 years of the Financial Market. Ömer Tetik has been part of the bank's team since 2013, and under his coordination Banca Transilvania became the leader of the banking market. He has been in Romania since 2000, when he came as Deputy Vice President of Finansbank. Subsequently, at Credit Europe Bank (formerly Finansbank), in 2010 he became vice-president and, subsequently, president.

"I was lucky enough to have very good colleagues and bosses everywhere. There are many bankers and banks that deserve these awards because we are part of an important, high-performing sector that has gone through a lot and we have all been travelling partners in a difficult year, but we hope that better days are coming. I am glad that Banca Transilvania has such an impact on the economy and on the community. Of course we are honored by these awards and I want to thank the team for building this beautiful story in banking together."- declared Ömer Tetik at the event organized by the Financial Market on the occasion of its 25th anniversary, organized on December 7 2020.

At the same event, Banca Transilvania received the Bank of the Year award, and BT Asset Management, the BT Index Romania ROTX Fund Performance Award.