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The BT Pay super-app has two new facilities, Invite your friends and Open Banking

Comunicat de presa 2020-11-19
The BT Pay super-app has two new facilities, Invite your friends and Open Banking

BT Pay comes with two new features, Invite your Friends and Open Banking. With banking options used every day, BT Pay is the first banking and payments super-app in Romania, currently used by 1 million people.

What do the new BT Pay features mean?

  • Invite your friends - people who use BT Pay can send a personalized download link to their friends who don't have the app yet. Both the person who sends the invitation and the friends who download BT Pay and make a payment by phone within 7 days will receive 30 RON.
  • Open Banking – from now on, the users of the application can see more details on the cards issued by other banks and fintechs, which are introduced in the application, namely: account balance, IBAN and transactions. The option is currently valid for BCR, ING Bank and Revolut cards.

Remote banking with BT Pay

To help customers with as many remote banking solutions as possible, Banca Transilvania has accelerated the launch of new features in the BT Pay application, starting with March 2020.:

  • The newly issued BT card, reissued on request or at maturity, appears in BT Pay in a digital format before the customer enters into the possession of the physical card.
  • Money can be withdrawn by phone from all Banca Transilvania ATMs, based on a code generated from BT Pay and received via SMS.
  • The application can include cards issued in Romania by other banks and fintechs for money transfers to the BT cards.
  • Donations can be made through BT Pay.
  • Access to details about each card in the application, such as number, expiration date and CVV, information for fast online shopping.
  • Confirm online purchases using BT Pay by biometric authentication or using the phone unlocking method.
  • Integration of BT Pay with the physical activity monitoring applications to encourage a healthy lifestyle.
  • Presentation of the benefits of the BT cards in the application, such as: the possibility to pay for purchases in installments, travel insurance, etc.

1 out of 4 cards issued by Banca Transilvania is used in digital format, through BT Pay, Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay or Garmin Pay.