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What does 3 millimeters mean in tennis. On December 1, the first documentary about Simona Halep, supported by BT

Comunicat de presa 2020-11-26
What does 3 millimeters mean in tennis. On December 1, the first documentary about Simona Halep, supported by BT

The Romanians have the opportunity, on Romania's National Day, to watch the first documentary with and about Simona Halep, one of the greatest athletes from Romania, number 1 ranked tennis player in the world for 64 weeks. The documentary is made on the initiative and with the full support of Banca Transilvania and comes with an inspirational message, Simona Halep is not a coincidence, it is a result. The 3 mm documentary will be broadcasted on December 1, on PRO TV, from 16.00, after which it will be available to watch on the BT Blog

The documentary is about work, performance, courage, motivation, sacrifice, about the hardest moments in tennis and what a good game means - through the voice of Simona Halep:

  • Tennis means my life so far, everything that surrounds me is for tennis.
  • When I see that I am missing a ball, I feel like practicing another 100, 200 shots, or even more, until I feel like I have started to have the ball in my hand.
  • I need to feel good about the people I work with. I chose Darren because I really liked his pedagogy, the way he speaks, the fact that he understood me, that he understood my personality.
  • A point or a shot can change the entire state of mind of one player.
  • There is nothing magical about sports. You have to work hard and that's it.

"Everything BT did together with Simona, since the launch of the partnership in 2018, was to inspire and mobilize Romania, trying to show to our fellow Romanians that success is not a coincidence, but a result of our actions. The documentary we are launching on December 1, on the Romanian National Day, is about this mindset.”
- states Sergiu Mircea, Executive Manager Marketing and Communication, Banca Transilvania.

The director of the documentary was Radu Muntean, the producer, Dragos Vilcu, and the collaborators, Multimedia Est, Next Advertising and Three Creatives. The filming was made in December 2019, during Simona Halep's training and preparations.

"I am bored by statues and heroes, they seem to be devoid of any interest. Simona Halep is neither. She works to exhaustion, ignores her limits, can be charming and unbearable almost at the same time, she knows that she is not perfect and that sometimes she can be her biggest enemy, but that does not stop her from trying constantly, stubbornly and without compromises, to achieve perfection. I find her fascinating.” - states Radu Muntean, the director of the documentary.

Banca Transilvania and Simona Halep, two years in the same team

Banca Transilvania's collaboration with Simona Halep started in 2018 out of the desire to make the Romanians all over the world as proud as possible that the world number 1 in women’s tennis for 64 weeks is from Romania. Since then, the BT messages on the occasion of December 1 have been transmitted through Simona Halep, through the campaigns: Let's do it, Romania!, Courage, Romania! and Happy National Day, Romania!

Both Simona Halep and the director Radu Muntean were among the guests of this year's BT Talks podcast and talked About hard work, performance and what it's like to win a Grand Slam final, respectively about What does it mean to be a director in Romania.

As a sign of appreciation, because she is one of Romania’s symbols, Banca Transilvania offered  Simona Halep, on behalf of the Romanians, two surprises: the message Our hero appeared projected in Times Square, New York, on the occasion of participating in the US Open and winning the Wimbledon title. , and a happy birthday wish, on the occasion of her anniversary, was projected in the main areas of Paris, considering that it coincided this year with Simona Halep’s participation in Roland Garros.