About us

Banca Transilvania,
the bank for entrepreneurial people

  • The largest financial
    group in Romania
  • First Romanian bank listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange
  • The most valuable Romanian banking brand – Brand Finance 2017





Welcome. We are the Bank for entrepreneurial people.

Or better said, the bank that wants things to be done, appreciates valuable ideas and fulfills dreams, supporting people who have the courage to make things a little different. Many believe that banking is just about money and about granting loans. But we believe it is more about people and about trust.


With this mindset, some businessmen from Cluj-Napoca gathered together in 1994, to create a local bank, home, in Cluj-Napoca. We kept the same values over time, as the story of the bank went on year by year, until Banca Transilvania became one of the largest banks in Romania - with over 8000 employees and 3 million customers.


From banking to #normalbanking

We have learned over the years that in order to bring to life the ideas of our customers, it is essential that we reinvent ourselves continuously: from opening an online account to chatting with our chatbots or realizing payments with the phone. And that is what we do, as we know better: Innovate.


Banking and a little bit more

We're not doing just banking. We love sports and support the national team of Romania and the basketball team of Cluj. And when we go to matches, with the hand on the heart, we sing the anthem of Universitatea. We enjoy watching tennis and we are the partners of Simona Halep, promising her that she will remain on the 1st place in our souls, regardless of the place she will be ranked. We are the #peopleofTIFF, #peopleofUntold, #peopleofEC or the people of every cool event & party, you could say.





BT started its success story, in Cluj.
With a team made up of 13 people & one unit, Cluj Branch
The first bank in Romania to be listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange
Rebranding of Banca Transilvania
The Bank launched "Clujul Are Suflet"(Cluj Has Soul), BT’s largest corporate social responsibility project
First worldwide release: BT and Western Union launched money transfer services via ATMs
First national release: BT and Western Union launched the money transfer service via Internet Banking
First national release: BT and Western Union launched the money transfer service via Mobile Banking
First national release: Banca Transilvania opened a new branch on Facebook, BT Facebank, by launching Facebook Payments
BT - 20 years
BT acquired Volksbank Romania


BT’s brand family