Companies Corporate Agribusiness


There is a dedicated range of credit products, products that can help develop your business

Multi-annual loan

The loan is granted to legal persons operating in the agricultural field, in the vegetable sector as well as in the animal breeding sector, who are in need of working capital for their current activity.


Loan for planting and growing crops

The lending facility finances up to 75% of the costs of establishing/caring for a vegetable crop.


Loan for farm land acquisition

The purpose of the loan is the acquisition of agricultural land. In addition, the Bank may grant a short-term loan to cover notary public and land registration expenses.


Loan for storage and production facilities / spaces

The loan is addressed to legal persons who have been active in agriculture for at least 24 months, working a land area of at least 100 ha.


Loan for the acquisition of machinery and equipment

This loan targets clients with activities in the area of animal breeding and vegetable cropping, who intend to buy farming equipment.


APIA Loans

Temporary financing until subsidies from APIA (Agency for Payments and Intervention in Agriculture) are collected, both for individuals and legal persons.


Loan for financing dairy farms

This loan is granted for the development of farms where milk cows are bred.

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