Companies SMEs Banking operations & transactions


We offer the most affordable and reliable products/packages for current accounts, treasury operations, letters of guarantee and operations related to export activities.

IZI & IZI+ Packages

Does your business keep you busy? Pick one of the Business Packages and you can benefit from a series of products and services that are useful to your business, at a total cost which is significantly lower than the standard price of the individual products.


Current account operations – settlements

We offer a wide range of current account operations, which can contribute to your business activity.


Foreign Exchange

You can perform exchange operations – sell/buy, both from a foreign currency to lei, as well as the other way around (currency conversions).


First Year Free Account

Do you have a newly established company? We are here to assist you! The First Year FREE Account


Letters of guarantee

When your business calls for such instruments, you can opt for one of the letters of guarantee offered by BT.


Bid bonds

The perfect solution for your company when you intend to attend a bid.


Advance refund bonds and performance bonds

We offer letters of banking guarantee to exclude the risk of not meeting the conditions of the contract and advance refund bonds, in order to guarantee the return of the advance granted by your partner.


Other products and services

We also have other products that can support your activity.


Import-export operations

Companies that perform foreign trade operations can choose from a wide range of solutions that are specific to this type of activities.


Direct Debit

We relieve you of the burden of making bill payments on a monthly basis! This free of charge service ensures that we pay monthly bills directly from your account.