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The financial solutions proposed by the Bank for Entrepreneurial People provide fast and easy access to financial support, both for working capital required for current activities or for short term coverage of high value payments, as well as for making investments required for the development of your company.

Credit lines – working capital

We propose 3 solutions to finance the working capital for your company’s ongoing activities.


Fast credit line – no collateral

We provide working capital in the form of a credit line, which doesn’t require any collateral. You can obtain the money you need to buy raw materials or merchandise, to pay suppliers or salaries.


Fast credit line – partial collateral

For this fast credit line, you only need collateral for half the financing.


Fast credit line – full collateral

Credit line fully covered by collateral. We are offering to provide a credit line of RON 300.000, to be used as working capital for your business.


Factoring and discounts

These are fast and useful solutions to cover peak periods for payments related to the everyday activity of your business.


Non-recourse rapid factoring

If you have an invoice issued to a client agreed by BT and you wish to cash the value of the invoiced products and services prior to the due date, you can use the non-recourse rapid factoring product.


100% Discount

You have the opportunity to fully cash the cheques and promissory notes received from your clients before their due dates. As a result, you gain access to the financial resources required for daily expenses.


Investment loans

You gain fast access to the resources you need to start the investments that you intend to make in order to develop your business.


Rapid loan – no collateral

We offer the resources needed to conduct your business activities by granting an unspecified needs loan that requires no material guarantees.


Rapid loan – partial collateral

We offer the resources required to conduct your activity by offering an unspecified needs loan for which you are required to bring collateral amounting to just half the value of the financing.


Rapid loan – full collateral

You have RON 300.000, to be used as working capital or resources for the investments you wish to perform for your business, placed at your disposal as an unspecified needs loan.



Co-financing European Programs

We support the development of projects financed using European funds by offering consulting and financial services for their implementation. Therefore, you have faster and easier access to European funds.


Financing Special Programs

We propose a series of special financing programs, valuable for your business.


State secured loan

We offer a credit line secured by the State up to 50%, which is to be used as working capital. Practically, you have the opportunity of accessing financial support even if you don’t hold all the required real guarantees.


Financial leasing

If you believe that the best financing option for your business is financial leasing, you can access such services via BT Leasing, one of Banca Transilvania’s subsidiaries.