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In our country, more than 3 million cards are issued from Banca Transilvania.

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Credit Cards

Star Forte

Created for long-term shopping, BT’s Star Forte credit card issued by MasterCard can be used for transactions at retailers, as well as at ATMs throughout Romania and abroad.


Star Gold

Created as a sign of gratitude and respect for your status, the Star Gold credit card from Visa offers services at the highest standards, being accepted throughout the country and abroad.


Star Platinum

It is the first and one of the most exclusive shopping cards in Romania. Star Platinum is a credit card which offers you a wide array of luxury services, exclusivity and privileges.


BT Flying Blue Classic

Because you like to travel, BT Flying Blue Classic card comes with a number of benefits that you can enjoy shopping and travel. Each purchase made with the card brings Award Miles Flying Blue program.


BT Flying Blue Premium

Created for people who travel, BT Flying Blue Premium card comes with a range of benefits and services included. You collect Award Miles on every purchase in Flying Blue program.


MasterCard Forte for Doctors

Banca Transilvania’s MasterCard Forte for Doctors is the first card which has a malpractice insurance policy attached, being exclusively addressed to physicians in Romania.


Visa Gold BT-Rotary

The cooperation between Banca Transilvania and Rotary International District 2241 has resulted in the Visa Gold BT-Rotary card, the first premium card created especially for Rotary Club members.


Debit Cards

Visa Classic

Suitable for everyday use, Visa Classic issued by BT is a versatile and convenient card which considerably facilitates online and offline payments, both in Romania and abroad.


MasterCard Mondo

The MasterCard Mondo debit card is attached to RON accounts and can be used with all POSs and ATMs present throughout the country and abroad, as well as online.


MasterCard Gold Debit

MasterCard Gold Debit is linked to a RON account and you can take it on vacation. It is suitable for secure payments via any POS or ATM in Romania, around the world or online.


MasterCard Direct

Because you enjoy traveling and wish to have the right amount of money available, we have prepared MasterCard Direct, a debit card in Euro. This card is linked to your Euro account held with BT.