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MasterCard Gold Debit


Ron zero




In the country and abroad


Rapid and Secure transactions


MasterCard Gold Debit

With MasterCard Gold Debit you can perform any banking operation, for a better freedom of movement:


MasterCard Gold Debit comes with many perks:



When you receive the card you must pay RON 50, equivalent of the issuing fee. The annual account management fee is RON 80.


You also benefit from the following advantages:


MasterCard Gold Contactless

With MasterCard Gold BT Contactless you can pay rapidly your purchases up to RON 100. No PIN required, only bring close to the contactless machine and the payment is performed If you see the below sign in the shops, it means you can pay contactless.


How do you manage it?

With BT you have a whole range of options to manage you cards:

a)   BT Pay – The free-of-charge application that you can obtain without visiting us. You can download it below. The question is .... Android or IOS?

b)   BT24 – Banking online in one app. On your mobile or desktop. Or both. You decide!

c)   Livia – The free-of-charge chatbot of BT for your daily needs. For the ones that spend al lot of time on Facebook.

d)   BT Visual Help – Your aid for the digital management of cards. If you are not a big fan of phone calls.