Retail Clients Cards Star Forte - Shopping Card

Star Forte - Shopping Card

More shopping, more Star points and even more shopping for you!

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Maximum amount

RON 44,000



Loan period

5 years

Grace period

Up to 56 days

What is it

Designed for online and city shopping, the Star Forte card can be used for transactions at the retailers and the ATMs in the country and abroad, when you are on vacation or visiting friends.


 * In order to enjoy these advantages have your payment processed at a POS terminal of Banca Transilvania


Additional information

In order to fully enjoy the advantages of the Star Forte card, we have prepared the information that you need for a better management of your monthly expenses. This way, you will know exactly how much you have spent, how much you have to repay from the amount and, more important, how much do you still have available to spend.



With Star Forte you win every time you go shopping in the country or abroad. Any payment with Star Forte brings Star points depending on the shopping amount, points that turn into money that you can then use as you please. More shopping, more Star points and even more shopping for you!

STAR points are awarded for:


Each Star point has a value of RON 1, and the amount that you collect this way can be spent at your discretion, in the partner shops enrolled in this program.

Additionally, you can enjoy installment purchases: up to 12 interest-free and free-of-charge INSTALLMENTS at  partner retailers  via the Star program.



RON 20 / card - card issuance fee

RON 25 / year - account management fee

Account statement is FREE (you will receive it monthly, in electronic format, by email or through BT24 Internet Banking)

In order to have a clear record of the funds available on your Star Forte card, we advise you to consider the following costs:


For further details, see the list of fees.



The effective annual interest rate (EAR) calculated for a loan in amount de RON 10,000, with the previously mentioned interest rate and for a period of 5 years is 26.77%/year. The EAR has been calculated based on the assumption that you withdraw the entire credit line of RON 10,000 from Banca Transilvania’s ATM after the granting thereof, and subsequently pays the interest on a monthly basis for the entire committed loan amount. The total cost of the loan is RON 12.045 representing the total interest and costs for the use of the credit card as a payment instrument.




We want to provide you with easy access to our products and services. Therefore, you can apply for the Star Forte card in two ways:


Online - Leave your personal details here and we shall contact you as soon as possible.


Over the phone - if you have better access to you phone than to your PC or laptop, please call us at any of the phone numbers below. Our Call Center colleagues are happy to help you.