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Let's get acquainted

The current account from Banca Transilvania is your second wallet, no matter if your money is in lei, euro, dollars etc. You can access your money anytime. And, to make it even more simple for you, the current account in lei comes with its own „access key”: un card de debit, Visa Classic.


What can you do with a current account attached to a card?


Money is easier to manage with a current account and a Visa Classic card attached. Moreover, you can save valuable time.


And if you need more sophistication:

What do you need to know?

The Current Account allows you to make cash deposits and withdrawals whenever you need. It also allows you to pay for your shopping and your bills. Last but not least, you may receive your salary or other income on your current account.


Moreover, you can access your account without being necessary to come at the bank, provided you apply for a debit card Visa Classic BT at 0 issuance fee, 0 fee for ATM cash withdrawal and 0 fee for card payments at various retailers.

How much does it cost?

Almost nothing!

Access the List of fees and commissions online.

How do you get it?

Please visit our units! You only need your passport.