Retail Clients Deposits


Choose from our offer of deposits

Classic Deposits

It’s easy to save when you choose classic deposits from Banca Transilvania. You can pick any period you want (1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 months) and select a currency, respectively RON, EUR or USD.


Sight Savings

You can add money at any time without losing the interest. We know how to take care of your needs and find the perfect solution for your savings: the RON savings account.


Deposit with accrued interest, in EURO

We found the best savings option for you. You open a flexible Eur account, with a profitable interest rate, to which you have constant access, while enjoying many advantages.


Enlarged Account in EURO

Created for savings which grow and add up throughout the year, the Enlarged EURO Account has profitable interest rates, similar to those of a deposit, as well as increased flexibility, just like a current account.


Atypical Deposits

Choose to place your money in a deposit adapted to your needs. The best feature is that you have fixed interest throughout the entire savings period, so you know exactly what to expect!


A new toy, a little money set aside. Take care of your child’s future from the very first step and save for a period of minimum 1 year and maximum 18 months, according to their age.


Investment Funds

Are you looking for a more substantial yield than the one offered by bank deposits? Try investment funds.


ACTIVE Deposit

The ACTIVE Deposit is a savings product with an investment component (in RON), brought to you by Banca Transilvania.