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Personal needs loans

Practic BT with fixed interest

Practic BT is a fixed interest personal needs loan. You go to the bank, find out when you can get the loan, what amount you can get approval for and you do not have to justify the purpose of the funds.


Practic BT with floating interest

Practic BT with floating interest is a personal needs loan which does not require any real estate collateral! It’s easy: you apply, you get approval and then you can use it for whatever you need.


Solutia BT (BT Solution)

When your personal needs exceed the limits of your budget, we provide the BT Solution. We help you by supplying a large amount of money against real estate collateral.



Real estate purposes

Real estate-mortgage loans

We are here to offer the best financial solution for those who wish to purchase real estate, to build a new wing of their house or to refurbish their current home.


Prima casa (First Home Loan)

The time has finally come to move out of your parent’s / relatives’ house or to stop paying rent. Banca Transilvania helps you with loans granted in RON, as part of the First Home nationwide program.


Current needs loan for real estate purposes

BT’s current needs loan for real estate purchases can be granted for up to 10 years and the amount we can offer cannot exceed Eur 20.000.


Car loans

Formula BT – Car loan

It is time to stop changing parts and to change your car completely. The Formula BT Car Loan from Banca Transilvania is granted for the acquisition of new or second hand cars.


Other loans

Refinancing loans

Lower instalments and much longer vacations. This is the result if you come to Banca Transilvania to refinance any type of loan granted or credit card issued by other banks.


Pacient Loan

Health must always come first, even in terms of loans. Take better care of yourself and maintain your health, by contracting a loan for medical care.


Gaudeamus Loan

BT offers a loan for studies regardless of whether you are enrolled in a public or private education institution, in Romania or abroad, or studying at pre-university, university, post-university level.