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Contactless technology

Contactless bracelet

The contactless bracelet is an alternative payment instrument that can replace card payments. The bracelet provides access to the RON current account opened with BT and the possibility to pay contactless, irrespective of the amount, in the country and abroad.


BT Contactless

Faster, but just as safe. By using BT Contactless Cards, you can make fast and easy payments. All you need is to place the card in front of the contactless terminal and you gain time for other activities!


Bill payments


Bring your utility bills to our Facturel Postman (Invoice Payment Machine) and he will take care of everything! You can pay your gas, electricity, water, telephone, TV, internet and other utilities.


ATM Bill Payments

Because sometimes there are bills that need to be paid urgently, you can now use one of the 800 ATMs throughout the country, at any time of the day or night.


Alert service

SMS Alert

By using the SMS Text Message Alert service, you are constantly informed about card transactions performed using your card, as well as account loading operations. As a result, you can keep constant track of the most recent payments.road.