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Useful documents regarding you and BT

a. Common Standard Reporting

We would like to inform you on the implementation within the European Union of the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), through Directive No. 2014/107/EU on the mandatory automatic exchange of information in the field of taxation. The purpose thereof is to ensure a better cooperation for tax collection and to combat cross-border tax fraud and tax evasion.

In view of the provisions laid down in the new Fiscal Procedure Code, applicable as of January 1, 2016, Banca Transilvania (BT) enforces the reporting and tax diligence standards which are an integral part of thereof. The provisions are meant to improve international tax compliance in the case of taxpayers resident in the countries with which Romania has a partnership in this respect. Consequently, together with the other banks in Romania, BT must provide the National Agency of Fiscal Administration (ANAF) with a report containing information on the client accounts opened with Banca Transilvania, if such clients fall under the context stipulated in the Order of the Minister of Public Finances No. 1939/2016. For detailed information on the Common Reporting Standard, please visit BT’s webpage (, section “CRS/ OUG113/2009 & OUG50/2010”.

If you are subject to the established reporting criteria, we recommend to update your data in our database by filling in the Declaration of Tax Residency:


Submission of the Declaration of Tax Residency:

- individual customers must submit the declaration to Banca Transilvania by April 15, current year either

- companies must submit the declaration to Banca Transilvania by March 31current year either

  • in hard copy, at any BT unit

  • OR, if this is not possible, electronically - signed and scanned - at the e-mail address;  from the e-mail address communicated to the bank in the account opening documentation

We remind you that Banca Transilvania processes personal information in compliance with Law No. 677/2001.

b. Emergency Government Ordinance 50/2010

We would also like to inform you that the Emergency Government Ordinance no. 113/2009, on payment services is in force as of November 1, 2009, being a legal act that is meant to support clients and that transposes the provisions of European Directive no. 2007/CE into the Romanian law. The objectives of such regulations are:

  • consumer protection;
  • information transparency;
  • creation of a unique legal framework for the European Economic Area (EEA).

The new legal provisions apply to all payment operations performed in the currency of the member states belonging to EU/EEA, if both the payer’s bank and the beneficiary’s bank are located in a Member State.

The payment services provided by Banca Transilvania have been aligned with these requirements, leading to the amendment of the existing contractual documentation. Thus, the following has been supplemented and amended:

  • “General Terms and Conditions”,
  • BT 24 Internet Banking supply agreement / E-banking service suppky agreement (BT Ultra),
  • Intra-bank Direct Debit payment agreement, Inter-bank Direct Debit payment agreement,
  • Agreement for Regular Money Transfers from a client’s account
  • Debit Card Issue Application Form and the General Terms and Conditions for the Use of Debit Cards for Individuals for Visa Classic, Mastercard Gold, Visa Classic Euro<26, Mastercard Mondo and Mastercard Direct,
  • Application for Overdraft granted to the debit card holders and the Loan Agreement(for the overdraft granted to debit card holders),
  • Card account opening application form / Credit card issue application form, Specific terms and conditions for the use of credit cards for individuals and the Credit card agreementfor Mastercard Forte, Mastercard Forte Divizia pentru Medici, Visa Gold, Visa Gold Rotary, Visa Platinum, Visa Centrofarm BT,
  • Card account opening application form / Card issue application form, General conditions for the use of business cards for legal entities for Visa Business Classic (debit; LEI, USD) & Visa Business Silver / Visa Business Gold (debit/ credit)

Likewise, we hereby inform you that the Emergency Government Ordinance no. 50/09.06.2010, on consumer loan agreements is in force as of 21.06.2010, being a legal act that transposes the provisions of European Directive no. 2008/48/CE into the Romanian law.

You can view an updated form of the previously mentioned documents using the links below or visiting any Banca Transilvania unit. Please be informed that a copy of the previously mentioned agreements will be provided to you, free-of-charge, in any Banca Transilvania location.

For additional information, please do not hesitate to visit any Banca Transilvania unit or contact us at the e-mail address

c. Law 258/2017

From January 27, 2018, comes into force Law 258/2017, which covers 3 aspects: the comparability of the fees, the  accounts’ mobility and access to banking services for financially vulnerable persons.

1. In Banca Transilvania, this will be applied as follows: for clients natural persons, with a clear distinction between:

  • The financially vulnerable persons - defined as those whose monthly income does not exceed the equivalent of 60% of the average gross wage income in the economy, forecasted in the last macroeconomic forecast, in the autumn, or whose incomes do not exceed this threshold 6 months in a row. This means a gross income of 3,260 RON / month.
  • The rest of the natural persons clients.

2. A new terminology is introduced:

  • The current account is called "payment account";
  • The services available through the payment account are divided into:
    - Basic services: (a) opening, manangement and closing of the payment account; (b) depositing funds; (c) cash withdrawals; (d) payments.
    - Other services.

3.  Rules of separate commissioning of the payment account with basic services, applicable to financially vulnerable individuals.

4. Competent authority empowered to ensure the law enforcement and application: ANPC.

5. Current procedure for the accounts’ mobility: operations / actions / additional documents to be used, filled-in and transmitted between the parties.

  • The exchange of accounts or the service of changing accounts represents the transfer from one bank to another, upon the natural person client’s request, either of the information regarding all or some of the payment orders scheduled for credit transfers, recurring direct debits and the collections through recurring credit transfers, performed in a payment account, either of the eventual positive balance of the payment account from one payment account to another or both, with or without the closure of the old payment account. If a client requests such a service, he/she must fill in a request from the bank to which he/she wants to transfer his/her account, and after that, the recipient bank will contact the bank to which the account was initially opened, and request the transmission of some specific information for processing the request.


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