Governance and leadership

Corporate governance is our business card for our more than 30,000 shareholders who trust our bank and invest in it. Basically, it is BT's mission to achieve the performance we want, based on a sustainable strategy, in a responsible and transparent way.

We are aware of the responsibility we have, as market leaders, towards the Romanians and the economy. And our corporate governance also means the relationships built between our management team and the BT stakeholders.

Who ensures the governance of the bank:

  • The General Meeting of Shareholders ensures the strategic leadership, sets the strategic organizational objectives, as well as the allocation of resources necessary to achieve them.
  • The Board of Directors, the Administration of Banca Transilvania is entrusted by the General Meeting of Shareholders to a Board of Directors elected for a mandate of 4 years, composed of 7 members. The Board of Directors is, in accordance with the provisions of the specific regulations issued by the NBR, the body with the function of guidance, coordination, supervision and control. Following the GMS decision of 25.04.2018, the members were re-elected for a new mandate of 4 years. The Board of Directors has the following members: Horia Ciorcilă – Chairman of the Board, Thomas Grasse - Vice-chairman of the Board, Ivo Gueorguiev - member, Costel Ceocea - member, Vasile Pușcaș - member, Doru Lionăchescu - member and Mirela Bordea - member.
  • The Leaders’ Committee analyzes, approves or submits for approval to the Board of Directors internal regulations, monitoring of costs, Budget of income and expenses, the Investments program, balance sheet, Profit and loss account, BT’s activity report. The members are appointed by the Board of Directors and must be approved by the NBR before starting their mandate. The Members of the Leaders’ Committee are: Ömer Tetik – Chief Executive Officer, Luminița Runcan - Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Leontin Toderici - Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, George Călinescu - Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Gabriela Nistor - Deputy Chief Executive Officer Retail Banking, Tiberiu Moisă - Deputy Chief Executive Officer IMM & MidCorporate and Mihaela Nădășan - Deputy Chief Executive Officer Financial Institutions and Markets.

At BT, we have a diversity policy within top management, which represents the basis of a sustainable and balanced development of the bank, as well as the increase of the management body’s performance through unity in diversity:

  • Appointments are based on meritocracy, without being limited to gender, age, cultural and educational profiles, ethnicity, professional experience, skills, knowledge or seniority in work.
  • In selecting a candidate, the assessment considers first of all the skills, the national and international experience or cultural profile that would complement the existing management team. Therefore, currently the managers and administrators of Banca Transilvania are Romanian citizens, as well as citizens and residents of other countries. Most BT managers and administrators come from domestic and international banking environments.

The efficiency of the diversity policy at this level and especially the corporate governance of the bank, is reflected in the bank's results and also in the management team’s stability.