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IFC Invests $40 Million to Support Growth of Romania’s Banca Transilvania

Bucharest, Romania, May 12, 2014 — The IFC Capitalization Fund, a fund managed by IFC Asset Management Company, is investing $40 million in Banca Transilvania (BT), the third largest bank by assets in Romania. The $40 million subordinated loan will strengthen BT’s capital base and support [...] Detalii


Banca Transilvania Uses Oracle Solutions to Help Increase Profit, Add Revenue and Customers

Leading Romanian Bank Implements Oracle Applications on Oracle Engineered Systems to Accelerate Transactions, Enhance Customer Experience, Reduce IT Complexity News Summary As part of a broader business initiative to modernize and expand its operations, Banca Transilvania transformed its IT [...] Detalii


BT Financial Results at June 30, 2014. Banca Transilvania continues the growth path compared to reference periods: operations +11%, total assets +5.7%

*+5.7% total assets, +3.8% loan portfolio balance, +4.3% deposits*Higher operational efficiency: cost/income ratio improved to 44.6% end of H1 2014*Prudential provisioning policy: coverage ratio end of H1 2014 - 123.24%*Gross profit at 30.06.14: RON 246.14 mil., 17.5% higher than for H1 2013*Liquidity [...] Detalii


Banca Transilvania – Financial results for H1 2013

Banca Transilvania ended the first half of 2013 with a higher gross profit, namely lei 209.42 million versus lei 193.22 million, as at 30.06.2012. The net profit is lei 180.19 million, close to the level registered for H1 2012, when it was lei 179.62 million. Fitch Ratings has recently affirmed [...] Detalii


2014 financial results: ongoing growth for Banca Transilvania

2014 financial results: ongoing growth for Banca Transilvania

● +11.2% total assets, +5.3% loan portfolio balance, +16.4% deposits ● Higher operational efficiency: cost/income ratio at 41.9%, end of 2014 ● Gross profit in 2014: RON 521.28 million, 17.6% higher compared to 2013 ● Structural liquidity: 55.3% - above the banking system average ● [...] Detalii