Banca Transilvania SA

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, str. Calea Dorobantilor, nr. 30-36,
400117, Romania
Tel: + 40 264 407 150
Fax: + 40 264 407 179

Mihaela Nadasan

Director Executiv
Directia Institutii Financiare si Relatii Internationale
Tel: +40(0)264.407.150
Fax: +40(0)264.407.179


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Financial results 2014

At 30.09.2014

posted at 30-09-2014 13:59

Press release

posted at 30-09-2014 13:59

Balance sheet

posted at 30-09-2014 13:59

Income statement

3rd Quarter

posted at 30-09-2014 13:59

BT Q3 2014 results - presentation

1st Semester

posted at 30-06-2014 13:56

Press release h1 2014

posted at 30-06-2014 13:56

Financial results h1 2014

posted at 30-06-2014 13:56

Statement of responsibility

1st Quarter

posted at 30-03-2014 13:56

BT Q1 2014 results

posted at 30-03-2014 13:56

BT Q1 - presentation 2014

Final financial results - 31.12.2013