Banca Transilvania SA

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, str. Calea Dorobantilor, nr. 30-36,
400117, Romania
Adresa de e-mail: investor.relations@btrl.ro
Tel: + 40 264 407 150
Fax: + 40 264 407 179

Communication with the Shareholders

The Shareholders' Desk can provide, at the request of the BT shareholders:

Shareholder certificates, account history and various information on the development of shares held*.

The shareholder certificate template and the account history template shall be issued based on the following supporting documents:

For individuals:

  • true copy of the shareholder's identity card, signed for conformity with the original;
  • copy of the heir certificate /certificate attesting the capacity of heir and copy of the applicant's identity card, signed for conformity with the original, in the event of the shareholder’s death;
  • proof of payment of the fee.

For companies:

  • true copy of the registration certificate, signed for conformity with the original;
  • true copy of the identity card of the legal representative of the legal entity, signed for conformity with the original;
  • confirmation statement issued by the Trade Register (or other proof issued by a competent authority), not older than 30 days, attesting the person's capacity as legal representative of the shareholder legal entity;
  • proof of payment of the fee.

Applications can be submitted through the following channels:



  • 1

    via postal/ courier service providers to the Bank's contact address:

    Banca Transilvania - Sediul Central Biroul Acționariat, Cluj-Napoca, str. Calea Dorobanților, nr. 30-36, 400117, România
  • 2

    by the Bank's internal mail/registrar's office at any BT unit;


In person:

  • direct filing at the Bank's Head Office, at the contact address mentioned above;



Replies shall be sent to applicants, as specified in the application, by post or e-mail.

Other requests for information from shareholders

Can be made over the phone (phone no.: + 40 264 407 150), by e-mail, or by post, with replies sent through the same channels, subject to the confidentiality rules and the verification of the applicant’s identity.


Information about shareholdings and data contained in shareholder certificates and account history are in accordance with the records provided to BT by the Central Depository, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

The Shareholder Certificate and the Account History are charged according to BT’s fees in force, as shown in the table below.

Issue of the shareholder certificate of Banca Transilvania at the request of the shareholder, in accordance with Instructions No. 2 /1999 of the C.N.V.M (National Romanian Securities Commission)
Issue of an account history of Banca Transilvania’s shareholder
10 RON

The fees can be paid at the Bank's counters, or by bank transfer / online via the BT24 Internet Banking service to account no. RO10BTRLRONFRNI000038102, opened with BT.

Different other requests from the shareholders are free of charge.