We have the courage to change things.

We have the courage to change things. But, in order to change them, we want to change the mindset with which we build anything, every day. The mindset about what we have around us: people, environment, transparency, ethics and responsibility. The mindset about what we are leaving behind and more importantly about what will follow.

Our approach, our philosophy:

We support the dreams of the Romanians. We are growing Romania.
Sustainability Report 2019 - 2020

We are growing Romania

26 years ago, in three apartments from Cluj-Napoca, one of the most beautiful stories of the Romanian entrepreneurship, Banca Transilvania, was born. With a team of 13 people, the history of BT started with its first customers, who were the founders of the bank and their friends. READ MORE

People of BT

Banca Transilvania means, first and foremost, its people. It is the company where you learn a lot, a place with lots of smiles, magnetism and friends. READ MORE

Think green

We are part of the community and, better said, part of the communities, with units and teams in almost 180 municipalities. We do more than banking #morethanbanking, thinking green and taking care of the environment, nature and encouraging others to do the same. READ MORE

Governance and leadership

Corporate governance is our business card for our more than 30,000 shareholders who trust our bank and invest in it. Basically, it is BT's mission to achieve the performance we want, based on a sustainable strategy, in a responsible and transparent way. READ MORE

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